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Our Services

Our Events and Special Features

In addition to the usual national celebrations which we encourage the children to enjoy by planning a special celebration events like fruit day, National book week etc we have our own monthly and yearly events such as:

Annual photographs – where not only the pictures of the children are taken, but their entire family are welcome to use the opportunity to take memorable pictures that can be shared with families.

Music sessions - A professional music teacher conducts the music session teaching children educational songs and rhymes once a fortnight.

We celebrate the diversity in our settings in form of a Multicultural Day, where everyone – children and staff alike dress in their traditional, ethnic and cultural attires

Christmas carnival for children and their families

Parents workshop – where parents are introduced to the world of early years education, taking them through how children learn though play in eyfs and how we integrate the Montessori curriculum.

Picnics – during summers to expose the children to the beautiful greens that is around us and have a group activity with their friends.

Graduation ceremony - for the children who leave for school in the summer term.

Dentist visits – where we arrange for dentist’s to visit our 3 – 5 year old at the nursery and do a dental check.