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Parental Partnerships

Parents are first educators of the child and they can be involved with their child’s learning in various ways.

Parents/carers bring with them a vast knowledge of various industries they work in. By being parent helpers they can bring those skills to our classrooms and enrich our children’s knowledge by sharing their knowledge. For example a parent who is Police man by profession can come to visit children in the nursery and can show children who Police Officers dress up, what they do, how they help the community. These kinds of interaction make children learn more as they have a face to face experience with a real person.

In turn the parent gets involved with their child’s learning.

Similarly parents can come to read stories, be volunteers, accompany on trips and excursions etc.

We regularly organise

  • ●  Coffee Mornings 
  • ●  Newsletters
  • ●  Parent helpers
  • ●  Parent teacher meetings
  • ●  Parent workshops
  • ●  Dads at the nursery